Squid is a 2000 ranch bred Paint mare.  She is my husband’s trusty steed.  Squidy came to us in 2011, also in less than ideal condition (notice a trend?!).  She is a really special horse – athletic, well trained, forward, fun, but totally safe, reliable, honest and willing to do anything.  Excatly what you would expect a proper working ranch horse to be like.  She specializes in dare devil stunts on steep rocky terrain.  She’s part mountain goat.  She will go over, through, or on anything you point her at.

Poor Squidy had a very difficult 2016, as she lost her baby, which was absolutely devastating for all of us.  She was out of work for well over a year, but has been gradually increasing fitness over the last few months and seems very happy to have a job again.  Since my other horses are laid up I have been focusing mainly on Squidy and have developed the crazy idea of her being my main endurance horse in 2017.  I had conditioned Squid for LD endurance a couple years ago, and while she never made it to any rides, she was very fit and still has that base conditioning.  After putting on the heart rate monitor, I have discovered that Squidy has the lowest working heart rate of any horse I’ve ever ridden!  What a surprise!  The old fat out-of-shape QH is a super athlete!  Only time will tell what she is capable of, but I tentatively hope to possibly do 50 mile endurance rides with Squidy while the other two horses take their time returning to work slowly.  Of course, I still have to share her with my husband as well, as she IS actually his…  ;)


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