DIY: Thrush Treatment

I’ve posted before about Oxine soaks for thrush and white line disesase (WLD) treatment. I still use that and love it. However, it takes a lot of time and effort, especially when you have multiple horses that need treatment. It is also pretty miserable scrubbing hooves with cold water in the winter when thrush is most likely to be a problem. I like to have a day-to-day treatment option that is faster and easier, and thus, more likely to actually happen.

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DIY: Horse Trailer LQ Backsplash

The next step in my weekender living quarters trailer facelift was the boring counter top and oak, oak, oak everywhere.

I figured a splash of color would make it a bit more interesting and break up the monotony. I’ve seen some really nice fake tile backsplashes in newer trailers, and really like the look of it. Continue reading

Maprika – Trail Map Live Tracking

My friend told me about this really neat free app that tracks your current location on a trail map. It is really helpful if you’re riding somewhere new, or if the trails are poorly marked, or if you’re just plain no good at navigation. It is called Maprika, but I had to search for “GPS on ski map” in Google Play Store to find it. Continue reading

Iron Balancing Update

Almost a year ago, I posted about how I discovered that the soil in my area is extremely high in iron, and all the health problems that can cause and what to do about it.

I just recently realized that I never reported back on my results after starting Uckele Poly Copper and Poly Zinc supplements. Continue reading

DIY: Matching Pillows And Curtains For Trailer

I wanted matching pillows and curtains in my trailer to kind of tie it all together, and I couldn’t seem to find anywhere online to buy matching valances and pillows that I liked, so I figured I would have to pretend to be a seamstress again and make my own. Continue reading