DIY:  Horse Trailer Insulation

Why didn’t I do this sooner?  Insulating my trailer, that is.  I had intended to do so for a long time, but hadn’t really looked into exactly how to do it and what supplies I would need.  It seemed like a big expensive project in my mind, so it kept getting put off.

It really isn’t that hard or that difficult.  I spent $80 at Lowe’s and one afternoon working on it and it was finished.   Continue reading


One More Trailer Upgrade…

Next weekend I’m taking both horses to an endurance ride and will be leaving one horse at the trailer while I ride the other horse.   Knowing the horse left behind will be stressed and possibly pawing or pacing,  I went through the trailer with a fine tooth comb,  looking for any missed detail that could cause an injury.   

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DIY: Horse Trailer Mods / Organizing

I made several additions and upgrades to my little 2 horse bumper pull trailer to make better use of limited space and for ease of use.  Here are a few ideas:

(Warning:  LOTS of pictures!)

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Pro Equine Grooms – How to Do a Fast Daily Leg Inspection

I’ve mentioned before that I check legs and pick hooves daily, and do quick mini lameness evals before trailering out for conditioning rides.  I would much prefer to catch a subtle problem early than to let it go and have it turn into something more serious.

This post from Pro Equine Grooms gives a good overview of daily leg checks.  I’ll admit — mine are not quite this thorough unless I have a specific concern.  I usually just run my hands down each leg as I’m picking each hoof twice daily while the horse is eating in their stall.  If I find something questionable, I’ll bring the horse out into the cross ties with better lighting and get out my infrared thermometer to look for hot spots.  After a harder than usual workout or endurance ride, I’ll go over them with a fine tooth comb, but for daily checks I just do a quick scan.  I figure I’m more likely to actually do it every day if it is quick and easy. Continue reading

DIY:  Goat Milk Stand

We needed a milking stand for our Alpine dairy goat, who is due to kid in a couple weeks.  I did some internet research and started off intending to follow the plans from Fias Co Farm (which are really good, btw).  However, I wasn’t really in a constructing mood…  and I’m not really a great constructor anyway…  so I ended up just throwing some scraps of wood together without really following plans after all. Continue reading