Running and Endurance Riding

You may recall that one of my goals was to start running more seriously and to complete a Ride & Tie with my sister.  You may also recall that I am most certainly NOT a runner.  I was that girl who made excuses to miss gym class in school.  I NEVER ran for exercise in my life until last winter, when Ink inspired me to start running so I could get off and help her through hills at endurance rides.  Then I injured my IT band and stopped running for a while.  I restarted that running goal this winter. Continue reading

DIY:  Helmet Paint, Round Two

I took a minor tumble a couple weeks ago.  No big deal, it had been a long time, and I guess I was due for a fall. I got up immediately and was totally fine.  My helmet didn’t really collide with the ground, it was more of a skidding across the ground…  but I needed to replace it anyway, just in case. Continue reading

New Dairy Goat

Last week we welcomed home our new Great Pyrenees, Mud.  He is doing really well settling into his new lifestyle and getting used to people surprisingly quickly for a mostly feral unsocialized 11 month old dog.  I figured it wouldn’t take long, as Pyrenees are usually very sweet good natured dogs, but he came around faster than expected.  He already wags and smiles when we come into the barn, walks on a leash, and has even started to play a little bit. Continue reading


We’ve been planning on buying a Great Pyrenees puppy to serve as a livestock guardian dog (LGD) on our farm.  Right now we just have horses/donkey and meat rabbits, as we trimmed way back to prepare for moving, but we intend to get chickens, guineas, and dairy goats this spring to replenish our farm population.  The LGD is primarily needed for protecting the young goats from predators.  It will also be nice to have a general security dog here on the farm. Continue reading

Ink TROTS again!

It has been nearly 10 months since that fateful day when Ink’s hoof boot flipped off while cantering, she took a bad step, and came up lame.  Suspensory.  The most dreaded word in the sport horse world. Continue reading