Moxie – first day home

Moxie joined us in June of 2016, after her thoughtful owner decided she wasn’t enjoying racing and wanted her to have a happier life.  Moxie is a Standardbred mare, foaled in 2011, and was raced as a pacer in harness for about a year and a half.  Almost immediately after arriving to her new home with us, she got in a herd dynamics scuffle with another horse and acquired a small wound, which, despite the best veterinary care, led to a sequence of unlikely and unlucky medical complications that would take 4 months to resolve.
As of now, she is finally healthy and is very slowly returning to work and learning about life as a trail horse.  She loves it!  This horse eats up the trail miles with ears perked and is always eager to see what is around the next bend.  She has the sweetest personality and is such a joy to be around.  I look forward to many years together and many miles ahead of us.

Moxie learning about being a trail horse… and loving it!

The plan for Moxie is to spend a few months doing easy trail rides to build a good strong base, then we will begin gradual endurance conditioning.  I hope for Moxie to be my 100 mile horse, multi day endurance partner, and for us to reach Decade Team together.


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