Ink is a 2008 Standardbred cross mare.  When I got her in 2014 she was in pretty rough shape, physically neglected and fearful.  I spent a month doing physical rehab, getting to know her, and teaching her groundwork foundations.  We spent another month on basic arena work under saddle, and then hit the trails for a few months of slow easy trail riding.  That winter we started slowly conditioning for endurance riding.  Our first LD (limited distance, in this case 30 miles) endurance ride was in April 2015.  She did really well and seemed to enjoy the sport.  We went on to do 4 LDs before moving up to 50 mile rides that fall.  We successfully completed the two 50s to finish out a really wonderful first endurance season.  Go Ink!

Ink has quickly proven to be the perfect horse for me; my favorite horse ever really.  She is very intelligent, has a great attitude, is always willing to try, sweet, sensitive, and very forward and energetic yet sensible.  Of course, her good looks don’t hurt either!

Sadly, Ink took a bad step when a hoof boot came off in early 2016 and injured her suspensory ligament.  We completed the small paddock rest with hand walking portion of her rehab, then I decided to turn her out for a few months of extra healing before resuming her offical rehab plan under saddle.  Being my heart horse, I really want to make sure Ink is fully healed as much as possible to ensure a full recovery.  She was given a 75% chance of a full return to work, including 50 mile endurance.  I am optimistic that she will be fully sound and enjoy a long career yet, but knowing how much I worry excessively about every little thing, I will probably never ask Ink for anything too challenging and will baby her a bit.  We are currently still in the rehab process and have just started trotting again.  Wish us luck!


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