People have been telling me to keep a blog for a long time.  So here it goes, finally!

I live in Kentucky on a small farm with my husband and our collection of animals:  three horses, a donkey, two dogs, barn cats, ducks, chickens and rabbits.  I enjoy competing in endurance riding and trail ride as much as possible.  Horses are pretty much my whole world:  if I’m not currently doing something with horses, you can bet I’m thinking about it.  You can read about the horses on their individual pages above.

I enjoy DIY projects, organzing, improving, and learning.  I’m kind of obsessed with perfecting things.  Everything has a reason, and I like to do things the best way possible.  Of course, this is always a work in progress.  I’m always thinking of ways to improve processes, products, and horse care.

I strive to provide our horses with the best physical care and try to give them a mentally healthy envioronment as well.  I like a lot of the natural based horse care concepts, in balance with modern medicine and nutrition.

Over the last two years, we have been gradually working toward a self sufficient lifestyle.  We try to produce as much of our own food as possible.  In fact, we don’t purchase any meat except pork.  We keep a freezer full of venison to replace beef, and home grown meat rabbits to replace chicken.  Special occasions call for wild turkey or farm raised duck.  We do have plans to add hogs and dairy goats to our farm so we can be completely self sustaining in the meat department.  My husband does all the hunting, and we do all of our own processing of the meat.  We always have fresh free range eggs from the chickens and ducks.  We have been attempting to grow our own produce in the garden as well, which has been a bit more challenging, though we have had some successes.  We pressure can most of our foods for preservation to save freezer space for the meat.  We stay very busy with this lifestyle, but it is quite fullfilling and rewarding.

When not working on the farm or riding, I am a vet tech at a busy small animal clinic.  I enjoy medicine and learning about animal health.




  1. Dom

    Just came over from Haiku Farm and LOVE your blog so far. What an incredible, and I imagine hard-earned and satisfying, lifestyle. Looking forward to reading more :)

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  2. Christy Warrington

    I also live in Kentucky, south central, do you mind me asking where you are located?


  3. Lovely blog. We’re in the UK and it’s interesting seeing how horses are managed around the world. Keep blogging!

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  4. Just found your blog today. Love the whole self-sufficiency thing. Wondering if you might be interested in doing a product review? What endurance rider can’t use a new this or that? If you have interest in that or doing a product give away for your reading audience drop me an email at twohorsetack@gmail.com with your blog name in the subject line. Thanks! Jacke Reynolds

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