Two Horse Tack bridle review

Jacke from Two Horse Tack kindly asked if I would like to try out one of their products to review here for my blog readers.  Well, yes, of course!  Who couldn’t use more tack?  As luck would have it, I hadn’t gotten Moxie her own bridle yet.  I have extra bridles of course, but you know, her own bridle.

(Disclosure:  I did recieve a free bridle from Two Horse Tack in exchange for my review of the product, but I was encouraged to provide an honest review, good or not.)

I didn’t see a browless halter bridle on Two Horse Tack’s website, but I asked if they could make one.  I like bridles without a browband for endurance because one of my horses is so ridiculously itchy, and the browband seems to add to the itch factor on long sweaty rides.

It was so nice that Two Horse Tack was willing to make a semi-custom variation for me.  It arrived in about a week and a half, and I was surprised to see that it wasn’t the typical style of browless halter bridles that I’ve seen, but rather a variation of their standard halter bridle.  Interesting design, and it worked well.

Here is Two Horse Tack’s basic halter bridle, (only $55!) from which mine was slightly altered:

photo from Two Horse Tack website

I also asked for the narrow width beta to keep it as refined and light weight as possible.  I think the narrower width looks nice on most horses, and it really gives Moxie’s big Standardbred noggin a petite elegant look.

Of course I chose light blue to match all of my tack.  I just love all the fun colors!  Two Horse Tack also offers overlays and various other design options, but I just asked for plain light blue.

The horse size fit mostly well on Moxie.  She is a 15.1 Standardbred with a fairly large head, but smaller than most Standardbreds.  She wears a standard horse size dressage bridle.  I did punch more holes in the chin piece of the halter to make it tighter, as I prefer a streamlined fit that won’t flop around or get hung up on something.  I had to play with the bit hanger adjustments and ended up on the tightest setting for my snaffle.  The rest of the halter fit well and Moxie seemed comfortable.

I did add extra keepers to the ends of the adjustable chin piece to flatten both layers to eachother, as they were gaping quite a bit and puffed out.  I also added keepers to the bit hangers to keep the excess from flapping around.  Voila, perfect!  It would work fine without the extra keepers, but I like things streamlined and tidy.

The bridle arrived a few days before an endurance ride, and what is the saying?  “Nothing new on race day” …  Well, I’m not the most patient person in the world and I really wanted to use Moxie’s pretty new blue bridle at the ride, so I got it all adjusted and went for a short bareback ride and hoped all was good.  It was good!  I used a different bridle with my “first loop bit” for race brain at the beginning, then switched to this bridle at the vet check and rode in it for the second loop.  (stay tuned for a post about the ride…)

Vet check mash face

I also ordered a matching set of rubber grip reins for the above mentioned race brain on the first loop.  They were fantastic!  I usually ride in flat rope reins, but my horses are very competitive and can be a real handful in big groups going fast.  The combination of these awesome grip reins, some gloves, and my “first loop bit” kept my hands, arms and upper body happy through both days of the endurance ride on both of my horses.  No more slipping reins or death grip attempting to keep them from slipping.  I wish I would have gotten rubber grip reins sooner!

(In the interest of full disclosure and honest reviewing,  I did pay extra for stainless steel scissor snaps on my reins,  which they did not come with.   Not a big deal,  Two Horse Tack refunded the difference, and I took some snaps off my extra reins and was good to go.)

This bridle is lighter weight than previous halter bridles that I’ve owned.  The construction seems strong and solid without being bulky.  The stitching is all tight and uniform.  The stainless steel hardware and beta biothane are good quality and should last a really long time.

Overall,  I was impressed with the quality for the price of this bridle.  It may not have all of the fine details like one from Taylored Tack ($$$!) but it is good quality, functional and looks nice for a fraction of the price.  

One thing I would prefer is a snap at the throatlatch rather than a buckle as this one has.  It is not a big deal, as I just put it on once at the beginning of a ride and don’t have to fuss with it again until the end, so it isn’t a huge difference in time or convenience.  However, a snap is easier to use with winter gloves on, and if someone else is riding my horse a snap means the adjustment is pre-set and I don’t have to double check their tightness.  The buckle vs snap is just minor details, and really just a personal preference, it in no way changes the quality of the product.

You may be wondering if the bridle stays in place without a browband?  Yes.  I rode both on steady contact and on a loose rein, as well as through head shaking due to flies, and it stayed just where it should.  Moxie seemed very comfortable in it, and I felt like the bit rested quietly in her mouth.

 Two Horse Tack offers quality products at significantly lower prices than most of the other manufacturers.  If you’re in the market for any new tack, especially on a tight budget, check them out.  They were even nice enough to include a discount code for readers here!

Be sure to also sign up for the Two Horse Tack newsletter, which often features free tack giveaways and coupon codes.



  1. Light blue looks SO good on her! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a browless halter bridle before but that is an interesting design and I’m glad it worked out fine. Can’t wait to read about the ride!

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