DIY: Horse Trailer Mods / Organizing

I made several additions and upgrades to my little 2 horse bumper pull trailer to make better use of limited space and for ease of use.  Here are a few ideas:

(Warning:  LOTS of pictures!)

Here is my rear tack area.  Lots of stuff sqeezed into a really small space, but everything has a home and is easy to access.

You can see my 7 gallon water jug on the right here. I really like this slim design better than others I’ve used, as it fits in narrow awkward spaces really well.

The bucket toilet is great for busy trail heads without rest rooms when you really can’t just squat behind the trailer…  It is a Luggable Loo toilet seat lid that just fits on a regular bucket.  I put a trash bag in it with either kitty litter or pine pellets for absorbtion, which makes it really easy to clean after use – just throw the bag away and replace.

Lots of extra tack hooks are a must.  Who can get by with the 4 hooks that came in the trailer?  No way.


Girths, half chaps, sponges

I had to use removable over the wall style tack hooks on the rear tack divider, as it folds in the middle when collasping the rear tack, and I didn’t want to lose that fuction.

Breastplates, halters, cruppers

I put one on the horse side of the rear tack wall also. I use this to hang lead ropes from after loading the horse. I also use it for all sorts of stuff when camping.

We also added an extra saddle rack, which is mostly used for drying saddle pads or coolers, but occasionally we do take 3 saddles camping.

Lots of extra snaps and hooks.

These giant S-Biner hooks are really handy for endurance rides and camping.  You can hook things to the window bars inside the trailer or any tie ring, and they can also hold bridles and breastplates in an orderly fashion without getting tangled.  The giant carabiners are great too, I found those at the Dollar Tree.

Nesting tubs and buckets to save space

I love this door organizer, it really keeps things organized and easy to grab.

I use another bridle rack to hold a muck fork and broom.  The tack rack is zip tied to the window bars to keep it in place, and I use a small bungee to secure the muck fork to prevent it from bouncing off on rough roads.

I was going to install extra D rings to hang buckets and hay bags, but I’m still experimenting with how I want it set up, so for now they are hanging from bucket straps.  I’m trying out feeding soupy mashes in the Better Bucket, which Moxie seems to enjoy nibbling on when we’re stopped, but not so much while moving.  I also installed window screens so I can haul with the windows dropped down in the summer for more air flow.  I know these aren’t as safe as windows with bars, as technically the horse could push the screen out, but I keep an eye on them in the truck’s mirror and it hasn’t been an issue in the years I’ve been doing it.

We replaced the rubber grommets that hold the doors and drop down windows open.  We also installed extra D rings, both small accessory rings and larger tie rings.  I ordered all of this from Trail Pals, which has a really good selection of all kinds of handy stuff.  I ordered aluminum rings and hardware to go with my aluminum trailer.

We installed a small D ring on the inside of the back door, so I can use a double ended snap to keep the door closed from inside. Great for using the horse compartment for a bathroom!

We installed a bucket bracket hook on the outside under the high tie.  This prevents the horse from banging the bucket around or spilling it while rubbing on it.  I painted it white prior to installation to match the trailer.

I have a homemade high tie system that was purchased used, so I have no idea who made it.  It pivots at the base, giving the horse more room to move around.

Also related to trailer upgrades:  reflective safety tape post

I did a post about the dressing room bed here.  Here’s a few more upgrades and organization ideas in the dressing room:

Swinging blanket bars in the corner for saddle pads, rump rugs, coolers. I also added small D rings to run a bungee cord through them to keep them from swinging around while traveling.

More bridle racks inside. I keep jackets, dog leash, rain gear, etc on this one.

These things live under the bed, hidden behind the bed skirt to keep things neat and tidy:

Trunk full of hoof boots

Trunk full of bandaging stuff

More stuff

Step stool contains basic tool kit

Handy mesh organizer hangs over the bed. Right now there is just random stuff in it, but when camping it is nice to have a place for keeping things readily accessible.

Pop up trash cans are really easy to store and are really nice for camping.

I keep most of my first aid supplies in the trailer in the plastic drawers or the bandaging box, but some medications need to be stored at specific temperatures.  I keep those things in a small plastic tote in the house, which I take whenever I haul.  Or I should take it.  I used to be really good about grabbing it as I headed out the door, but after not using it for so long, I got kind of lax about it.  Recently Squidy broke out in severe hives while on a conditioning ride an hour away from home, and wouldn’t you know it, but that day I left the meds box at home.  Poor Squidy had to wait 1.5 hours to get relief.  I’ll remember it next time!

I’m in the process of insulating the dressing room, so stay tuned for a post about that project soon!



  1. Liz

    This is such a great post!! Definitely bookmarking to refer back to when I get my trailer back home.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This was super useful, especially since I’m still in the process of acquiring essentials for my new-to-me trailer! I don’t have a dressing room though so I’m trying limit the amount of stuff I have to load/unload each time I haul out. Do you have a list of absolute essentials that I can use for reference?


    • Hmmm… obviously tack and a couple spares (girth, bridle, pad, lead rope, reins…), first aid kit, grooming, cooler, buckets, water? Perhaps you could find some kind of organizer or trunk that could stay in the trailer?


  4. heidithehorse

    This is a great post! I love seeing how other people organize and make the most of small spaces.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Anne

    Great stuff!! How do you bolt things to the walls, inside and out?


    • I refer that to my engineer husband ;) he used tech screws for the fairly lightweight things like bridle racks. Horse tie rings get bolted through the entire wall.


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