Pro Equine Grooms – How to Do a Fast Daily Leg Inspection

I’ve mentioned before that I check legs and pick hooves daily, and do quick mini lameness evals before trailering out for conditioning rides.  I would much prefer to catch a subtle problem early than to let it go and have it turn into something more serious.

This post from Pro Equine Grooms gives a good overview of daily leg checks.  I’ll admit — mine are not quite this thorough unless I have a specific concern.  I usually just run my hands down each leg as I’m picking each hoof twice daily while the horse is eating in their stall.  If I find something questionable, I’ll bring the horse out into the cross ties with better lighting and get out my infrared thermometer to look for hot spots.  After a harder than usual workout or endurance ride, I’ll go over them with a fine tooth comb, but for daily checks I just do a quick scan.  I figure I’m more likely to actually do it every day if it is quick and easy.

I’m a bit paranoid and worry myself over every. little. thing.
…. but really, it takes about a minute per horse, and what is that saying…  better safe than sorry?

Source: Pro Equine Grooms – How to Do a Fast Daily Leg Inspection

Click this link to read the whole article.



  1. Great information, I’m definitely bookmarking this. Hope you and Ink are doing well and hitting the trails again <3


    • Thanks! Ink hasn’t progressed as far as Quest yet, but she’s on her way! We’re up to 16 minutes of trotting and 4 minutes of cantering in the arena, and we can start introducing collection now. She is cleared for walk only trail rides, but I haven’t taken her, as I have been far too busy conditioning my other two horses. Poor Ink is on the back burner this year. She wants to go though, she tried to get in the trailer on her own the other day! :)


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