Monthly Archives: May, 2017

One More Trailer Upgrade…

Next weekend I’m taking both horses to an endurance ride and will be leaving one horse at the trailer while I ride the other horse.   Knowing the horse left behind will be stressed and possibly pawing or pacing,  I went through the trailer with a fine tooth comb,  looking for any missed detail that …

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DIY: Horse Trailer Mods / Organizing

I made several additions and upgrades to my little 2 horse bumper pull trailer to make better use of limited space and for ease of use.  Here are a few ideas: (Warning:  LOTS of pictures!)

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Pro Equine Grooms – How to Do a Fast Daily Leg Inspection

I’ve mentioned before that I check legs and pick hooves daily, and do quick mini lameness evals before trailering out for conditioning rides.  I would much prefer to catch a subtle problem early than to let it go and have it turn into something more serious. This post from Pro Equine Grooms gives a good overview of …

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