DIY:  Goat Milk Stand

We needed a milking stand for our Alpine dairy goat, who is due to kid in a couple weeks.  I did some internet research and started off intending to follow the plans from Fias Co Farm (which are really good, btw).  However, I wasn’t really in a constructing mood…  and I’m not really a great constructor anyway…  so I ended up just throwing some scraps of wood together without really following plans after all.

Materials: some old reclaimed fence boards and a couple salvaged 2x4s


I had help…

Testing… and approved!

It didn’t turn out as well as the ispiration from Fias Co Farm, but it will do the job.

Ready for milk!

The lumber was free, making the total project cost:  screws, a latch, and a bolt.
Just another handy DIY construction project post showing that you can indeed build things even with zero building talent.  :)


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