Spring Haircut, Round Two

Spring is here!

…or so it seems.  I hope this isn’t a trick and old man winter isn’t hiding around the corner, ready to jump back into action.  With amazing weather of sunny and 60-70 degrees for several days and similar throughout the extended forecast, I decided to take a chance.  

Moxie isn’t doing any serious hard work yet, as she is still early in her conditioning.  Even so, she has been sweating a ton during basic dressage sessions and even slowish trail rides.  I decided she needed to join the trace clip club with Squidy.

I have enough blankets to keep both girls comfy if the weather turns cold again, so why not.  It helped convince me to clip her, considering that Moxie is the filthiest muddiest horse I’ve owned in a long time, so the thought of keeping a jacket on her is rather appealing.

We started with a small bib clip / chaser clip, thinking she won’t need much hair removed since she isn’t working as hard.

Wrong!  Super sweaty.  So I decided if I’m going to blanket anyway, I might as well get full benefits of the clip.  Her haircut turned into a full trace clip.  I still kept the neck pretty minimal to keep her warm in her blankies if the cold returns, as she doesn’t have the extra, ahem, “insulation” that Squidy has.

After dealing with ulcers in the fall, it was a bit of a struggle to keep Moxie’s weight up through winter.  The other two horses had no trouble at all…  Ink especially looks like a round fluffy pony at the moment since she hasn’t been working.

This second hair cut worked like a charm.  Minimal sweat after riding on a warm sunny 70+ degree perfect day.

Did I mention that I love this weather?  :)


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