Spring Haircut Time

Since Squidy announced that spring is coming, and the extended forecast looks warm for the most part, I figured it was time for my annual horse hair cut.  This year Squidy is the lucky lady.

Every year I clip whichever horse I’m riding the most in late winter.   I like to let them grow a nice winter coat for a couple months and enjoy not blanketing, but inevitably I get restless for harder rides and I get tired of spending so much time cooling out sweaty furry horses as the temperatures increase…  so sometime around February someone gets some variation of a trace clip and then wears blankets for the rest of the winter.

The added chore of blanket changes is a trade off for the decreased grooming effort required for the now mudless horse and much less time spent dealing with a sweaty horse after every workout.  Plus it somehow boosts my spirits that spring is coming!  Time to get serious about this year’s fitness and training goals!

Cowpony Squidy looks more like a dressage pony now…



  1. Squiddy looks great!


  2. Oh yeah, nice job!

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