Riding Log Update – Multi Horse

I posted about my Excel sheet riding mileage log last year, and emailed copies to anyone interested in using one.  When I got Moxie and tried to add a third horse to my log it just got too cluttered for a single sheet.  My solution was to make separate tabs for individual sheets for each horse.  This lets me record more data and notes about each individual horse’s training.  I also make notes about anything lameness or health related of possible interest, such as if a horse is less enthusiastic about that day’s work, hesitant to pick up a canter lead, less supple to the right, not eating or drinking as well as usual, etc.  If something comes up later I can look back on my notes and see trends or timelines.

I also discontinued some columns (hoof boots) and added others (avg heart rate, moving speed, other people riding my horses).


Note the tabs at the bottom with each horse’s name.  Each horse has their own individual sheet now.


As before, if anyone wants me to email you a copy, comment below.  Happy trails!


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  1. Liz

    This is a great idea. I’d love a copy!

    estout18 (at) gmail

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