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I recently came across this blog, A Horse For Elinor.  The title of this post caught my eye, and the concept really makes sense to me.  I know a couple readers here are rehabbing suspensories on their horses as well, and let me tell you, if you’re not, you’ll want to keep it that way!  It is NO FUN.  Of course, slow gradual conditioning is critical for injury prevention (maybe throw in some good conformation and some good luck too…), but anything else we can do to help minimize the risk is worthwhile.  Strengthening the core/topline/hindend is beneficial for ALL horses – not just to help prevent suspensories, but for countless reasons.  Yes, that includes endurance horses.  Actually, that ESPECIALLY includes endurance horses.  I see horses at every endurance ride traveling all strung out and hollow with an inverted topline, and I always think, that horse does so well inspite of that, imagine how much BETTER (and more sound over the years) s/he could be if they did a bit of dressage (or trot poles)…

Interestingly, Squidy already went to “Trot Pole Camp” herself as part of the plan to restore her topline after pregnancy.  (it worked really well!)  Moxie also does trot poles regularly as part of her base training.  Ink herself had done some trot poles earlier in her training, but that was at our old farm where we didn’t have an arena, so moving poles to mow made it more of a chore and perhaps I didn’t do it enough…

Anyway, this is good stuff.  If you’re not already incorporating trot poles or cavaletti into your horse’s fitness/training plan, do consider it.

[ and in case you missed it, here is my post about how to make DIY Cheap Easy Cavaletti … ]

…and here is the link to the post about trot poles to prevent suspensory injuries:

To start, she was confused. Like that time around 3 pm, when you don’t know if to hit up on the wine or just have another cup of coffee. I put Valiosa in a little Trot Pole Camp for 6 weeks. …

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