Goodbye, 2016!

Whew.  What a year it has been.  Mostly bad.  Really bad.  2016 has been by far the hardest year in recent memory.  After YEARS of mostly uneventful horse keeping, we had the most horrible luck with horses in 2016, with several ridiculously unlikely medical emergencies and complications, one after another.  It all started with the tragic untimely loss of Squidy’s sweet perfect newborn baby colt, Sue.  I was absolutely heartbroken, there are truly no words to describe it… but no time was wasted to grieve, as within a few weeks’ time every horse on our farm was affected by The Curse with their own, sometimes multiple, medical emergecies and complications.  It left me questioning myself and my horse care methods, blaming myself, nit picking every little detail, but in the end, the majority of the scenarios I could play out in my head were just plain unavoidable bad luck.  Still, that didn’t comfort me much.  Luckily, it seems we may have made it past The Curse, as I’ve referred to it, and haven’t had any more issues in several weeks.  Whew is right.

One good thing came from 2016:  our amazing dream farm!  I never in my wildest dreams imagined owning such an amazing place for us and our horses to call home.  I love it here more than words can express.  It is perfect. I still can’t believe it is real sometimes.  💙

One more good thing:  my husband.  He is what has kept me sane through everything, and he is who made the dream farm a reality.  I realize that most people never find their soulmate and best friend to share life with.  I am very lucky.  💙

So it is time to stop dwelling on all of the bad from 2016, rather embrace the good, and move on into what MUST be an amazing 2017!

Happy New Year!


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