DIY:  Beet pulp soak & rinse buckets

Most horse people are aware that soaking beet pulp before feeding is important to reduce the chances of choke.  I also make sure to rinse my beet pulp a couple times to reduce the sugar content, since I feed a low starch diet and have a couple easy keepers who are sensitive to excess sugars.  Ideally, I try to buy beet pulp without added molasses, but sometimes it is impossible to find locally.  I still rinse the molasses free variety, but I REALLY extra rinse any that does have added molasses.  I made a soaking bucket system with strainer to make the process much easier.

I used two matching buckets that nest well.  In this case, it was used supplement buckets from a friend.

Use a small drill bit to put lots of little holes in the bottom of one bucket.  I also drilled a few holes near the bottom on each side.  This helps it drain more efficiently if you set the bucket down.

(Disregard the little black zip ties- my bucket cracked after years of service and instead of making a new one I just patched it up)

My process is to put the bucket with holes on top of the normal bucket, then add beet pulp and/or alfalfa cubes, then fill with water to soak.  After it is done soaking, remove the top bucket with holes and allow to drain.  Sometimes it helps if you spin/twist it back and forth quickly to expedite the drainage, especially if using alfalfa cubes.  Then replace the bucket into the other and refill with water.  I repeat this about 3 times.  Alternately, if you have a hose handy, just run water over the beet pulp in just the holey bucket and allow it to continuously drain, occasionally agitating the contents to get even rinsing.

Finished! Then I add it to their grain and add more fresh water to make it soupy. Delicious!


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