Great Customer Service: Uckele!

I don’t often do this kind of thing, but with all of the complaining out there of bad experiences we just don’t hear enough about GOOD customer service.  So many companies just don’t care about customer satisfaction anymore, so I figured let’s reinforce the ones that do.  I am very pleased with my recent experience with Uckele supplements resolving a minor issue I had.

You may remember that I started my horses on Copper and Zinc fairly recently to help offset the high Iron content of our soil/plants locally.  Well, I am quite happy with the results thus far.  It hasn’t been long enough yet to give a full report, but for now I’ll say that my two long term horses have developed significantly more concavity than ever before over the last month or so.  The cracks in the white line are getting less and less with each trim.  I think we’re on the right track.  Moxie’s hooves are also improving, but I would expect improvement either way since she’s still early in the transition to barefoot, so I can’t necessarily give credit to the copper/zinc for her…

My last order of Zinc from Uckele had some clumps in it, not too big of a deal, but before I ordered a 10 lb supply I called to make sure the clumpy issue was resolved.  They were so very helpful and genuinely concerned about the quality of their product.  They inspected their inventory and sent me a free 10 lb bag of zinc that they had opened to confirm quality.  Free.  They even shipped it for free.  So my 1 lb jar with a few clumps = free 10 lb replacement, with a smile.  Thanks Uckele!  They’ve earned another loyal customer.  It is so nice to have a good customer service experience.  :)


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