Horse Vac

Grooming a mud covered furry horse in the winter is no easy task.   Horse vacuum systems work great but come with a hefty price tag.   However, I found this great curry attachment that works with an ordinary shop vac for $20.  I’ve been using it for years and really like it. 

Horse grooming attachment for shop vac

Find it here:

Valley Vet: shop vac grooming attachment

This attachment fits on small shop vac hoses.  If your shop vac has a large hose , you can get an adapter to use small attachments.

Some horses may be startled by the loud noise or the suction feeling on their skin, so be sure to start slowly in a safe setting allowing the horse to become comfortable with it before jumping right in.

I’ve found it is most effective to remove the dried chunks of mud with a metal shedding blade, then use the vacuum like you would use a rubber curry.  Follow with a hot damp towel to really get a deep clean dust-free shiny coat if you really need your horse looking good.


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