Fall Riding


This is my favorite time of year to trail ride.   The weather, the colors, the fresh horses…  💙

I have really missed riding regularly this year due to a long string  of bad luck and injuries, but I’ve been able to get back in the saddle more the last couple weeks.   Finally!   

Moxie’s first real trail ride

Moxie has proven to be a really wonderful trail horse.  She led the group most of her first trail ride.  She is very forward and brave with a big fast walk, and has a strong desire to get down the trail.   She seems naturally sure footed, negotiating rocky downhills with ease.  She is calm and sensible, rarely spooks, and the very few times she has spooked it was minor and easy to manage.  She has quickly learned to be patient and stand quietly when asked to.

Working on not tailgating the horse in front… good girl!

Her exceptional trail horse behavior is especially impressive since she has not been offically properly trained yet.  She came off the track then was injured and couldn’t wear a girth, so her first rides were bareback.  (smart, right?  just hop on that off the track racehorse bareback…  but she’s a sensible Standardbred, so all was fine)  Then she got the thrombosed jugular which has limited her training to loose rein walking only for now.  No flexing her neck repeatedly, no getting her heart rate up.  So she hasn’t gone through much of my normal training plan and just skipped all the basics and went straight to trail riding.  Luckily she is awesome and took it all in stride.  Once she is cleared for full work, we will return to the basics to add some fine tuning, but for now I am just glad to be able to ride her!

Squidy has been getting in some miles too

Squidy loves obstacles

Starting to add in some faster conditioning rides with friends

Back to slow rides on Moxie… getting to ride with yet another new group

Such a big brave horse! She led the way across the scary bridge.

Moxie learned about creek crossings

We even got to ride with another OTSTB (off the track Standardbred), who taught Moxie to stand patiently for a break mid ride.


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