DIY:  Cheap Easy Cavaletti

There are better ways to construct more sturdy and proper cavaletti, but I just wanted a cheap easy fast project requiring limited carpentry skills and with materials I had on hand.  I used a few 2×4 boards and doubled them up to make the same size as using 4x4s would have accomplished.

Supplies list:

  • 4 treated 2x4x8s (I used untreated wood because I had it already and it will stay in the indoor arena, ideally still use treated even for indoor use since it is still on the ground)
  • 2.5″ screws & drill
  • Saw

The X on each end will need two 23.125″ 2x4s (odd measurement because the 2x4s are not actually 8′, I divided the total length by 4) and four 9.75″ pieces.  Screw the two 23.125″ pieces together in the middle to form an X.

Then screw the four 9.75″pieces onto each X to make it double thickness (equal to a 4×4).

Screw one 2x4x8 onto each X, securing it to both layers.

Then screw the second 2x4x8 onto the first one to make it double thickness (again, equal to a 4×4).  Add screws from each side every couple feet to really secure them together.

…except maybe don’t split the wood where you screw it like I did… I used old dry wood and probably should have pre-drilled the holes…

You could be extra thorough and use wood glue between all the doubled up layers.  I didn’t have any on hand, so I skipped that.  Mine will just be in the indoor arena, so no exposure to the elements.

Voila! Ready to ride!

Be sure to keep an eye on the condition of the wood over the years, as if it becomes damaged or starts to rot, it could expose the sharp end of screws and injure a horse.

Next time I’ll build proper cavalatti with 4x4s and bolts, and I’ll write about that project when I get to it.



  1. LaVonne Jacobsen

    Super great idea! Thanks for posting plans and pics. Very helpful for my husband!

    Liked by 1 person


  1. LINK:  Suspensory Ligament Injury Prevention, The Easy Way | The Other Horse

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