New Old Fence

We’re on a pretty tight budget at the moment, but we wanted to install a section of fence at the new farm to keep the horses out of a potentially dangerous small area next to a metal shed (I had visions of a horse getting cornered and kicking through the metal siding and degloving a leg…  yeah, after the year of vet bills and heartbreak that we have had I’m constantly seeing potential disasters everywhere!), so we got creative.  

We took down an old round pen and some fencing that we didn’t want, and then sorted through it and reused the pieces that were still in good shape to build a new fence.  It still needs a coat of paint, and we haven’t installed the gate yet since the post isn’t set yet in the hole full of loose dirt; we just attached a round pen panel for now.  I’m pretty happy with the result.  Zero dollars and a weekend of labor.  Not bad.

We still need to remove more of the old posts from the old fenceline. Our canine supervisor, Tak, approves the project.



  1. Super creative idea! I love when projects like this work out with zero dollars spent haha How is Ink doing by the way?? I just started walking undertack with my mare this week, it was like coming home.


    • Awesome! Glad you’re riding again! Ink is doing well, she’s been cleared for full pasture turnout for a while now, which made both of us much happier! She’s overdue for a recheck ultrasound to confirm healing before I can start tack walks… but Moxie and Squidy have been hogging all of the veterinary budget with emergencies, so Ink’s non time sensitive ultrasound keeps getting delayed… I figured extra healing time won’t hurt anyway. Hopefully soon we’ll get some good news! Good luck with your rehab!


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