DIY: HoofJack

I’ve wanted a HoofJack stand for trimming hooves for years now, but the $190 price tag has never quite fit in the budget.

Instead, my husband modified an automotive jack stand that works almost as well.

It is not perfect, but it does the job, and it was free since we already had the materials.

He welded bar stock extensions to each corner to provide extra stability, then spray painted it just for looks. I wrapped the cradle on top with a thick wash cloth and covered it with duct tape.

I’ve been using this stand for years now and really like it. The height is easily adjustable and can be used either to cradle a bent leg or to support a hoof stretched out in front. I do make sure to be careful that it doesn’t tip over around a horse, as they could probably injure themselves on the bar stock leg extensions at the base. If the horse is moving around a lot, I sometimes put one of my feet on top of the base to add more stability to prevent the horse knocking it over. Would I rather have a nice fancy HoofJack? Yes, of course! but $190 vs free makes it hard to justify upgrading, especially when this stand does the job just fine.


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  1. Love it and thank you, have already brought the jack stands for just £20 for 2 and was figuring out how to make the base sturdy. Don’t have welder but it’s given me an idea ;) thank you!


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