DIY: Horse Trailer Reflective Tape

I hadn’t noticed for a while that my trailer did not have any safety reflective tape along the bottom.  It did have reflective discs at the corners, but I wanted more.  I’m not sure if it originally had some and it was removed, or if trailer manufacturers didn’t apply reflective tape when it was made (a long time ago, 1995!)



I ordered a roll of trailer conspicuity DOT reflective tape on Amazon.

I prepped the area with rubbing alcohol, then applied the tape along the bottom of the trailer. I found it easiest to measure and pre-cut sections before applying.  I was able to keep it pretty straight and even by unpeeling only 6-8 inches of the backing at a time before aligning and sticking it.  It turned out pretty well!





So, if you have an older trailer or one that has been repainted, check to see if it has reflective tape. If not, it is a quicky easy $20 project that adds a lot more safety.

Also, while we were at it upgrading trailer safety, we replaced the tail lights with LEDs which are brighter and last longer. I ordered the tail lights on Amazon also.

They are super easy to install: just pry the rubber grommet out of the way on the old lights, unplug them, plug in the new ones, and then push the new rubber grommet in place. Voila!

Now the trailer is super extra visible, hopefully making it safer for the precious cargo.


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