Foal watch tonight

We’re camped out in the barn for foal watch tonight.  I kept an eye on Squidy’s foal cam all day at work.   She became increasingly agitated and restless throughout the day; pacing,  circling,  pawing,  biting her sides,  kicking her belly…  My husband was home and tested her colostrum,  and said the pH was as low as it would read and the calcium was high.   All signs point to go!  When I saw her lay down on the cam, I left work a bit early,  not wanting to miss anything.  So here we are….  feel free to watch the foaling cam,  hopefully she will get serious soon…

Squidy’s Foaling Cam



1 Comment

  1. Melissa

    Just found your blog and am enjoying it. Though with the foal cam I may not get any work done today… good luck!


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