Monthly Archives: April, 2016

Foal watch tonight

We’re camped out in the barn for foal watch tonight.  I kept an eye on Squidy’s foal cam all day at work.   She became increasingly agitated and restless throughout the day; pacing,  circling,  pawing,  biting her sides,  kicking her belly…  My husband was home and tested her colostrum,  and said the pH was as low …

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Foal Cam!

The countdown is on for foal watch around here.  The average mare gestation is 320-365 days (for Squidy April 20 – June 1), but most mares foal between 330-345 days (April 30 – May 15). Squidy is currently at 322 days.

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Spring on the farm

Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently…  I have been incredibly busy and haven’t had any spare time.   Spring time is always so beautiful and exciting with so much new life…

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