Horse Camping Packing List

I’m getting ready to go to an endurance 201 clinic this weekend and preparing for the season of horse travel and camping.  The clinic itself doesn’t involve bringing a horse, but I figured I’d bring Ink along to get in some good riding while I’m there.  I’ve been checking inventory of items that stay in the trailer and I’m packing camping specific stuff for this weekend.  This weekend isn’t really real horse camping, as I’ll be going to a nice campground with stalls and electric plug ins for trailers, so that eliminates quite a bit of packing.  I still use the same packing list though; I just cross out items that aren’t relevant for this trip. 

It seems like there are always questions on horse forums and chat groups about what new horse campers will need to bring… So I thought I’d share my list here.

I have a separate packing list specific for endurance rides, which is added to what is on this list.  I’ll share the endurance packing list here later.

I pack feed/supplements in ziploc bags pre-mixed in individual servings, which makes it super easy while I’m there and minimizes how much stuff I have to bring.  I always bring at least one extra feeding and extra hay in case I am delayed in returning home.

Things like folding chairs, tool kit, bandaging kit, buckets, grooming supplies, extra jacket & boots, spare tack and saddle pads, etc all stay in the trailer permanently, so they aren’t on this packing list.  At some point I’ll do a post here on how I organize the trailer to maximize space.

Since I have a small trailer now I can’t store camping supplies in it permanently due to lack of space. Instead, I keep dedicated camping supplies in two plastic storage totes in my basement and just put them in the trailer when I’m going camping. One box contains cooking supplies, the other is dirty or big miscellaneous camping stuff. Here are the contents of each box:


Contents of plastic storage totes


Cooking supplies box


Misc supplies box

The main list is what I pack for camping. Some of this stuff stays in the trailer, such as tack, hoof boots, saddle pads, horse coolers, bucket toilet, etc, and I just need to confirm that it is still there. Other things are only applicable to specific types of camping. For example, I sleep in the dressing room when I camp alone, but if my husband comes with me we sleep in a tent. Of course, different items will be needed for cold weather vs summer camping. One thing I just realized isn’t on this list is the cast iron skillet and dutch oven for longer camping trips when my husband (aka the cook) comes along. I don’t really cook when I go on short trips alone, I just need to be able to warm up prepared meals or simple stuff.


I stack everything in the dressing room and/or rear tack during travel and then move the food coolers, storage totes, hay bale bag, toilet, and other stuff to the horse compartment after arriving and sweeping it out. It is not nearly as convenient or comfortable as having a nice living quarters trailer, but it gets the job done and is surprisingly efficient once I figured out a system and got organized.

Now to finish packing and get ready for a fun weekend! :)



  1. Tammi Thomas

    Awesome list Kirrily!!! Thanks


  2. Good list and thank you for sharing! I’m doing my first CTR with my mare in a couple weeks and this will help when we pack :)


  3. Monica F. Dean

    Love your blog and thanks for the list! I’d love to share mine with you, but I don’t see a way to do that.


    • Thanks! I’d love to see your list, it is always great to get new ideas! You can email it to me at:
      kniswander44 (at) gmail (dot) com


  4. Vera Harris

    email me your list too….. this is exactly what i need


  5. Becky Laramie

    What an awesome list! I am fairly new to camping with my horses but OMG I love it! I am combining all your awesome lists with the one I started based of this article

    We are planning a trip up to Northern Michigan for the spring, I can’t wait:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad it is helpful! Have a great camping trip!


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