Beaded Browband

I’ve always wanted a bridle with decorative beads. So pretty. Ink needed a new bridle for her “first loop bit” anyway, as I’ve been using a cheap plain black beta bridle that is not very pretty. Ink got a beautiful new bridle and breastcollar set for Christmas in her colors, but that bridle is used for the hackamore that she uses 95% of the time. Unfortunately, her ultra competitive “race brain” meltdowns at the start of an endurance ride requires a bit with more control and brakes… Yes, we are working on the problem with dressage training and exercises on the trail, and she has improved significantly, but I will likely always use the bit for the first loop at endurance rides. Something about all those excited horses taking off together seems to melt the brains of some horses…


Myler combo bit

The Myler combination bit really is a wonderful tool for some horses. While it looks complicated, it is actually really quite mild and very easy for the horse to understand. It applies pressure to multiple areas, starting with the most light pressure around the head and escalating as needed to the bit itself. This encourages the horse to listen to softer cues. I’ve found that it works really well on horses who like hackamores and sensitive over reactive types that would normally resist and fight a stronger bit. So, we use this bit for the first few miles of endurance rides, then switch back to our usual hackamore at the first vet check once her brains have returned.

I was planning on making the whole bridle myself, but I received a gift card to American Trail Gear so I saved a step and ordered the bridle there. I requested it be made with a V browband with a center ring.


I found some tiny beads that I liked and ordered small feather charms for the ends.


I tried a couple arrangements to see what I liked.


I decided on 5 stands, tapering shorter on the sides.


I also added strands on the sides.

I added a drop of super glue on the knots to hopefully keep them secure.

Voila! I really like how it turned out. It adds a bit of feminine refinement to Ink’s big Standardbred head. So pretty!



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  1. Your bridle looks great on your horse! The color is very striking against her beautiful dark coat, I love it! The V drop browband with a ring is a great idea, and your bead additions really complement and give the perfect finishing touches to make a unique and picture perfect setup!

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