SmartBlanket App

Apparently several of my horse friends who blanket their horses had never heard of this awesome smart phone app, so I thought I’d share it here in case any readers hadn’t heard of it either.  SmartPak made an easy to use app for determining which weight blanket to use based on your local weather. 

I don’t usually blanket my horses with full winter coats, but now that Ink is clipped for the spring of course I have to blanket her.  I’ve been using the app to check its recommendation compared to what weight blanket I would normally choose, and it has been spot on.  It would be really nice for people who board or have someone else caring for their horse.  If my husband or farm sitter needed to make decisions about blanket changes, this app eliminates guessing or complicated charts and makes sure my horse is in the appropriate clothing.  Let’s face it – without this app, if I had a farm sitter determining appropriate blanket changes my OCD side would have to make a chart with temps, windchill, and precipitation all factoring into which blanket to use that day or night…    This app is much more user friendly for all involved.  ;)

You just fill in some information about your horse and its environment:


I selected "out 24/7", even though they have access to stalls and a run in shed, and they do typically stay in at night. I figured it is still drafty inside since the doors are open.

Then it gives you blanket recommendations for each day and night:


Brrr... please disregard our horrible winter weather that I am sooooo tired of. Spring is just around the corner!

You can add several different horses with different blanketing needs.  Pretty handy.  Best of all — the app is free.

Apparently when the app was first released it had some issues with accuracy and consistency, but those appear to be resolved and it is now functioning appropriately and has been making good recommendations for the 2+ weeks that I’ve been using it.

Check it out for free in the Google Play store for Android or in iTunes app store for Apple.


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