DIY: Hoof Boot Pads

Occasionally I like to add pads to my hoof boots, especially if I’m training on harder than usual surfaces or if the horse is a bit sensitive like when first tranisitioning to barefoot. They also help the Gloves fit a bit tighter, which seems to help with retention. I was using the pads from EasyCare for their hoof boots, but they wear out quickly and while they are not terribly expensive it does add up with the miles I do.  I had extra yoga mat left over from making my saddle seat padding, so I thought I’d try that as hoof boot pads also.  I made a template out of thin cardboard (a cereal box works great) to mark and cut the proper shape and size.  I kept the template for making more in the future.  It is really easy, and once you make the template, it takes no more time than cutting the EasyCare pads to fit.  It doesn’t last quite as long as the EasyCare pads, but it is very inexpensive when you consider how many pads a yoga mat makes.  These yoga mat pads are pretty soft and most likely don’t provide a ton of cushion, but in theory may help stimulate the frog more, improving the health of the hoof. You could also experiment with other densities of padding, such as extra thin rubber mats, which may provide a more firm pad.


Disregard the marks on the template, made while perfecting the shape.



New pads, ready to go


used pad


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