New Paint For My Saddle!

Ink and I love our Pandora endurance saddle, but unfortunately ours was one of the few that had defective paint and kept getting chips and scratches.  I’m told this problem was solved quickly and is no longer an issue with Pandoras.  Of course that doesn’t help mine.  I didn’t want exposed carbon fiber to get wet and get damaged, so my first attempt at a solution was spray on PlastiDip.  Easy enough, peels off if you don’t like it.  Initially I ordered the saddle in a nice reasonable dark gray color.  Boring, I know, but blame it on my dressage background and conservative nature…


Boring dark gray... ;)

Being easily removable, the PlastiDip allowed me to comfortably choose a brighter bold color… 


Light blue pearl PlastiDip

Unfortunately, the PlastiDip didn’t hold up well to the areas that get friction and was peeling in spots.  Next solution:  properly applied new paint job with good clear coat.  My husband, who has painted cars, was up for the job.  I just had to choose a color.  I had gotten used to the pretty blue PlastiDip and I liked it.  I decided to stay with a bright color.  I chose Bahama Blue Metallic.  I’m really leaving behind my all black tack now!

So we peeled off the PlastiDip, then sanded and prepped the saddle.


Ready for primer

He applied a couple coats of primer, filling in low areas and sanding in between coats.
Then paint and clear coat were applied.  Beautiful! I love the new color!


Finally finished! I love it!


It is so pretty that I didn't want to cover it up with sheepskin and saddle bags... (note: Ink is standing on a slight hill here... the saddle doesn't actually tip up in front and in reality fits her quite well. Bad photographer!)


All matching!

To help protect saddle, he also installed heat shrink tubing over the snaps for the breastplate and crupper.  These were areas that paint had been damaged quickly due to the metal repeatedly clinking against the saddle. Hopefully this will help.


After using my other saddles (Wintec dressage and Tucker western) for the last few weeks, I am so glad to have my Pandora back. I like the other saddles also for different reasons, but the Pandora really keeps me feeling good mile after mile by encouraging a proper position, and I think Ink prefers it also, as her stride length is longer in the Pandora than in any other saddle I’ve tried. Now we’re ready for some serious conditioning miles, and just in time to kick it up a notch… Only 8.5 weeks until our first endurance ride of the season! Time to ride!


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  1. leaannsavage

    I would like to ask you questions about your Pandora Saddle – I am wanting to order one, and want to know more bout the Y-rigging. Can you email me at ?


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