Ink’s Spring Haircut

Ink got her spring haircut today.  I was planning on clipping her in February, but the extended forecast looks so promising that I went ahead and did it today.

I like to let my horses grow nice thick fluffy coats and take it easy for the first half of winter, and then do a trace clip in February and start working again. Ink sweats so much that if we do any significant amount of riding it takes hours to get her dry, which is no fun in the cold. I try to clip just enough hair to prevent sweating, but leave as much as possible to keep her warm. She will wear blankets for the rest of the winter, but since she lives outside I don’t want to remove ALL of her coat.


Ink's new haircut ... kind of a chaser clip / trace clip combo

Ink had an easy work load of trail riding in November and December without any real purposeful conditioning, and then took most of January completely off.  The plan is to slowly increase fitness again to get ready for the start of our endurance season in April.

We celebrated with an easy 8 mile ride.


I missed this view! (...disregard the wild mane, which is growing out from roaching it last year...)

My own fitness conditioning is going well.  My new year’s resolution is to improve my own fitness so I can get off and run with Ink if she gets tired.  In addition to running, I’ve also started the P90X workout plan.  It is brutal!  I feel better already (and sore!) and think this is really going to improve my riding quite a bit.

I’m getting excited about 2016 and think it will be a great year. When I trace clip my horse each late winter/early spring, it is almost like a mental turning point. Winter is almost over! Okay, so I do realize winter is NOT over yet, but shifting gears from hibernation mode back into riding mode is so refreshing and really gives me hope that spring will eventually get here. Soon!


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