DIY: Extra Seat Padding For Saddle

I love my Pandora endurance saddle since it puts me in an effortless balanced position which really helps prevent soreness and pain on long rides. However, the hard seat is not super comfy for me. It isn’t a problem trotting and cantering, but if I’m riding at a walk for long my tailbones get sore. Since that was my only complaint about the saddle I was sure I could find an easy solution.

The sheepskin seat cover helped some, but I wanted more padding. I got a thick yoga mat and cut pieces to fit under my sheepskin. I made it smaller than the sheepskin, just focusing on the area where my tailbones sit. I decided to make it two layers thick for extra comfort. I made one piece smaller than the other and tried to cut both with a beveled edge to help smooth the transition. I used spray adhesive to attach one piece to the other, and then to attach them to the sheepskin. It works great and I am now able to ride in the Pandora comfortably on even long slow walking trail rides. I’ve been using this set up for the last few months, including two 50s, and it has held up well and I only wish I would’ve thought of it sooner!


Bottom side of sheepskin seat cover with padding


You can see a tiny bit of the blue padding sticking out under the sheepskin


This sheepskin only covers the part of the seat where you sit. If I did this with a sheepskin that goes all the way up the cantle I would position the sheepskin more in the center. The idea is to have sheepskin under your seat bones.


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