DIY: Tiny Horse Trailer Bed

About a year ago we sold our old gooseneck trailer with partial weekender living quarters for various reasons and purchased a small 2 horse slant bumper pull instead.  I love the new trailer.  It is so easy to maneuver, so light weight, and all aluminum so no rust.  The only drawback was that there was no where to sleep. 

Luckily, I have a friend who invites Ink and I to travel with her to endurance rides in her living quarters trailer.  However, sometimes our ride schedules don’t line up, and if the ride is close to home it is so much easier to take my own rig where half of my stuff stays packed and where Ink’s high tie is.  At the first endurance ride I took it to I slept in a tent.  In a storm and heavy rain on an awful air mattress.  NOT fun.


The next endurance ride I took it to was a local one day night ride, so I figured I’d sleep for a couple hours on the floor in the dressing room with padding.  I wouldn’t finish until almost 1am and by the time I got done taking care of Ink it would be so late and I would be so tired that I could sleep in anything, right?  Wrong.  No sleep.  At least it was only a couple hours.  The best part was getting to watch Ink, who chose to sleep just outside the door.  So cute.


Inspired by pictures on facebook’s Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Conversion group, I asked my husband to build a tiny bed in my tiny trailer.  He framed it in with scrap wood left over from another project.


Then he added a piece of plywood on top.  We sewed a pleated curtain to cover the front. There is a split down the center for easy access. The top of the curtain has velcro on the inside.  The other side of the velcro was stapled to the wood frame.  This allows me to store all kinds of stuff under the bed without looking cluttered.


I ordered an inexpensive memory foam mattress from Amazon, which he cut to fit.  Add bedding, and voila!



I’ve been to two rides with this set up, and it is a huge improvement.  It is not big enough to really sprawl out, but for 2 nights it does the job and I am able to sleep in comfort!  There was even room for my dog to sleep with me at the last ride when it was quite cold overnight.

Since the stock lighting wasn’t working and he had to fix it anyway, my husband upgraded the lighting to strip LEDs which would use less power and could be controlled by remote.  They can dim/brighten, change colors and even have a disco mode!

It may not be a full living quarters (or even close), but it sure is better than nothing!  It didn’t add much weight at all, and I still have my tiny little easy trailer for day to day use.  I didn’t even lose any space for all my stuff, thanks to the under bed storage.  It is the perfect solution in this situation.  I love it!



  1. Very cool! I am getting rid of my LQ too so I was trying to figure out the bed situation. I’ll show this to my husband. I have a Mr. Buddy for heat and a cooler that would fit under that bed. All other camping equipment for me can ride in the car. What kind of trailer?

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    • This is an older Featherlite 2H slant BP


    • lanabarkman

      Hello! Interested to hear more about your heat an air. We purchased my parents trailer, which they converted a 4′ short wall dressing room to a weekender. It’s insulated, so that’s helpful. It does not have heat or air, and isn’t currently wired for electric hook up. Mom and Dad have a generator so that wasn’t an issue for them. Dad did wire in a car battery to power fans and such. I would love to save money and not install $1000 AC. But I also want the dogs and my husband comfortable. Thank you for any ideas!


      • I don’t have heat or air in the current tiny trailer. I just use battery powered fans. We used to have a gooseneck with a small window a/c unit under the neck, facing the truck’s tailgate. That cost about $100 and worked reasonably well. It wasn’t as easy as the roof units, but if you set fans to blow the cold air up into the bed it actually works really well and stays super cold. For heat we just used a small electric heater and/or a heated blanket. (using either electric plug in if available, or powered via quiet Honda generator)


    • Sabrina Jacobs

      I’m really looking to do this with the bumper pull I’m getting! But to be honest I don’t know where to start, do you think you could help me out with near step by step info on how you did it? I can give you my email!

      This will be one of the first projects in doing by myself and I need all the help I can get! This is so cool!


      • Sure, I’ve been super extra busy recently, so it may be a while before I get to it… but give me your email and I’ll add it to my list :)


  2. brenda

    Thanks We have done the same thing but was wondering how to put bed in sm place good idea


  3. super neat!


  4. What is the set-up you have for keeping your horse overnight on the trailer? It looks great, and safe. Is it something you bought or made? I would love to have something to recommend to people who want to do this. I see horses tied too long with a rope and a halter all the time – they could step over the rope and kill themselves.


    • It is a home made high tie. I got it used from a friend. It has bent a bit though with use. I would recommend the actual High Tie from EasyCare, they are great. I use a collar on my horse so I can use a shorter (safer) rope, while still allowing her plenty of freedom to move and lay down. I’ll do a blog post about it soon!


  5. Erin

    Can you post a link to the FB page for bumper pull conversion? I can’t seem to find it :(


  6. Mary EL

    Do you have any plans to insulate the dressing room? Thoughts on air conditioning? I’m looking at creating a similar setup for myself.


    • I may add insulation at some point. Probably no a/c. This isn’t really a frequent or long trip camping set up for me, as I usually travel with a friend, so I just wanted something cheap and easy to get by with for a night here and there.


  7. I’m planning on this remodel this spring, What type of brackets did you use to attach it to the curve side of the trailer? Did you use screws or rivets? Is there any signs of rusting from the screws or rivets?


    • We pre-drilled and used sheet metal lag screws to attach the wood frame to the aluminum frame of the trailer. No rust, as it is all on the dressing room interior, and I think the screws were stainless steel.


  8. SHA

    Your set-up is almost identical to what my mister rigged up for me in my tiny bumper-pull dressing room (only yours is a thousand times tidier). The frame on my bed is aluminum, and is removable, although I have to say that after it was put in place four years ago, I’ve never bothered removing it because it doesn’t interfere with using the dressing room as a dressing room rather than as a camper.

    I do use it for long camping stays, and although it’s tiny, it’s worked reasonably well. I’ve used a little boat fridge in there in the past, but this year am beefing up the power (two deep cycle batteries and 150W solar panels to charge it), and so am adding a decent-sized fridge. We’ll add some shelving (eventually, cupboards) to improve storage (and diminish clutter) as well. There’s a fold-down table in there which we will turn into a permanent countertop.

    I was tickled to see a conversion with the same odd-shaped bed layout as I have! Cool :)


    • Awesome! Yours looks great, good idea on aluminum frame. Glad to hear that it works for longer trips too. BTW, love your blog!


  9. Liz Kanan

    Hi I’m considering doing this…
    I have a 2 Horse featherlight. If I measured correctly it’s 68.5 inches
    The long way and then gets shorter as you get into the nose.
    How wide is your bed? I was thinking 32 inches at the widest.


    • I sold this trailer, so I can’t go measure it now… But what I did when deciding on layout was mark the bed shape /size on the floor with tape, then lie down and see if it is comfy for you.



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