Riding Mileage Log

I am a bit obsessed with organizing and data, so naturally I keep a detailed riding mileage log using Microsoft Excel. Did I mention that I love Excel? Yes, I’m a nerd. :)

I’ve been using this spreadsheet for a couple years. Each year gets a new tab along the bottom, so it is easy to compare years within the same document. I use columns for things I want to keep track of including ponying, my husband riding, hoof protection, type of riding, location, notes, etc. These could be changed to include relevant data for the user, and I often add/delete columns each year. At the end of each month there are totals and a pre set goal with a percentage complete to track progress. The same totals are at the very bottom for year to date totals and goal tracking. The top row is frozen, so it stays visable when you scroll down. There is a short cut in the upper left to show total YTD miles, which is visable from anywhere in the year without scrolling.


It is fun to review trends and patterns. I've been following a set plan for appropriate rest time related to hard efforts. We taper with the last hard ride 2 weeks before an endurance ride, an easy ride the weekend before, then several days off until a light pre-ride the day before competition. Ink gets 2 weeks off after a 50 mile ride, then an easy trail ride, then back to full training a week later. This strategy has been working well for us so far.

I use Endomondo GPS app on my Android phone to track my miles. I would like to get a Garmin GPS paired with a heart rate monitor on the same watch at some point, rather than using separate devices as I do currently. The phone app does the job for now though, and it is free. I’ve tried several GPS apps and have found that I like the layout of Endomondo best. Plus it has fun challenges, including an AERC endurance riders mileage challenge.


Ink has been taking it easy on semi-vacation since our last endurance ride of the season. We'll start serious training again in February.

I enjoy analyzing the data periodically and at the end of the year. In 2015 I rode a total of 886 miles, most of which (86%, total of 759 miles) was on Ink. Squidy was out of work almost all year, with an early spring heel bulb laceration and then pregnancy (and being older at age 15 it was decided that starting a new exercise program on an unfit mare might be too much stress and could cause miscarriage, at least in the first trimester). This meant that I didn’t do much ponying and my husband didn’t ride much this year. I spent over 200 hours in the saddle. I track average speed, but this number is not highly accurate, as I often turn on the GPS before starting and forget to stop it until after untacking, so the average is always low. I track where I rode and if I did arena work. Sadly, I didn’t do nearly as much arena work as usual. I plan to do more dressage in 2016 to ensure Ink is staying balanced and using her body efficiently to minimize stress on her legs. While I was really slacking in 2015, I will say that at least I do work on snippets of dressage stuff while going down the trail, focus on powering from the hindquarters up over the back (especially on long gradual hill climbs – awesome workout!) and I don’t let Ink travel inverted… So I suppose that is better than nothing anyway.

If anyone wants a blank copy of the Mileage Log excel sheet, comment below with your email address and I’ll send it to you. You can edit the column titles and goals to suit your own needs.



  1. I would like a copy.


  2. Sandi Derr

    Yes please and thanks do much! I need this.


  3. Shannon

    Thank you. I’ve been trying to find a way to log.


  4. Karolina

    I really like your layout can you please send me a copy of the spreadsheet? thank you!


  5. peter.cadoret@cogeco.ca , please and thank you!


    • Trish

      Can I get a copy from your Excel sheet and where you purchased this app or where did you find it I always get lost


      • I just sent the via email. I use either my Garmin GPS or the free Endomondo app on my phone. Works great!


  6. Shelly Daggs

    Would like the mileage log. thank you


  7. Julie

    Love it!!!
    Thank you!!


  8. Heather

    Yes please! Need to learn to use Excell.


  9. Sharon

    Yes please. Perfect for my need thankyou.


  10. Belinda Schuman

    Your spreadsheet is similar to one I made, but I like your’s so much better! I would love a copy to start 2016. Thank you very much.


  11. Bethany Asplundh

    I would love a copy of your spreadsheet! Thanks! redbarnfarm@mac.com


  12. Melissa

    cyberdiva.melissa@gmail.com please and thank you!


  13. Jessica

    I’d love one, too! (even though I’m late to the game!) jessicamboland@gmail.com


  14. Rebecca Eldridge

    I just found your blog and love it! Can you still send me a copy of your worksheet?



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