DIY: Paracord Zipper Pulls

Most trail riders have some sort of rope, cord or twine in their saddle bags for emergency tack repairs. Why not save space in your saddle bag by carrying paracord as a zipper pull instead? It also makes it faster and easier to open and close saddle bag zippers while riding.

There are tons of different ways to make them. This site had several styles and instructions. A quick Google search for “paracord zipper pull” or “paracord keychain” will find plenty of options as well.

Mine use 3-5 feet of paracord, and are only a few inches long. It is a great multipurpose item: zipper pull + emergency cord. I have at least one on each of my saddle bags.



You could also attach it to a small snap and clip it to your saddle if you don’t carry saddle bags.

Another handy zipper pull idea is a small whistle on a cord. If you are injured or lost, a whistle could help search parties find you.


If you’re not up for DIY, you can always buy a pre-made one such as this:

Paracord Keychain

or this:
Paracord Zipper Pulls


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