DIY: Rein Keeper

This is mostly an endurance riding idea, though it could work well for others also.

I like to be able to drop my reins while my horse eats or drinks on the trail so that I can use that time efficiently to either sponge her, check a map, stretch, eat and drink, or just be lazy…. I don’t want my reins to slide down her neck to her ears though, or worse, go over her head when she inevitably chooses that moment for a full body shake. 

This could also be useful for riders who don’t ever let go of their reins, as a secondary safety backup to keep the reins within reach in case accidentally dropped or pulled out of your hands by an enthusiatic horse.

The other rein keepers that I’ve seen are a solid non-stretchy material and seem so big, so I went searching for a different solution.  Here it is!

I’ve been using this strechy coil clip all season and love it! I did change out one of the mini carabiners for a larger carabiner on the reins end so it would allow the reins to slide easily. I like that when not stretched it is really small and stays out of my way. Works great!

In the case of an emergency, the tiny little cheap mini carabiner would easily break, as well as the scissor snaps on the ends of the reins.








You can get it here:

Double Ended Carabiner Coil Stretchy Lanyard



  1. Darlene

    My horse is not allowed to eat with a bit in his mouth or when I am on him! It is a hard habit to break!


    • I didn’t used to let horses graze while riding either, but in endurance you really almost have to. They need to continuously refuel and have something going through their digestive tract to avoid metabolic problems. I stop every couple miles for a couple minutes of grazing. However, I do have “rules” for when she can eat and don’t allow her to randomly slam on the brakes for a snack. I also practice making her stand still in a grassy area without being allowed to graze, so she doesn’t expect it too much and get pushy or rude. She is pretty polite and well mannered about it.


    • yep, what Theotherhorse said: for endurance horses, a bite here and there along the trail is a GOOD thing…when directed by the rider.

      Here’s what it looks like in motion (please note that I had both hands on the camera and NO hands on the reins while filming this!):

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  2. Linda Weiss

    I have hands that were broken and no longer close or grip properly, but I am NOT giving up riding, I trail ride, and often drop my reins, God bless my sweet mare. This idea is going to literally be a life saver!

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