DIY: Custom Helmet Paint

I wanted to decorate my helmet a bit to match my tack, now that I’m finally getting bold enough to venture away from boring all black dressage tack… ;)

So I used a paint marker to add color around the recessed vents.  

I’m not very artistic, but someone who is could really do some fun stuff!

Here is the paint marker that I used.  It is available in several colors.

Uchida 300-C-10 Marvy Deco Color Broad Point Paint Marker

I love how it turned out!  Super fast and easy too.



  1. really enjoy your posts. thank you for sharing. Am looking for a new, more ventilated helmet and wondered what kind yours is after seeing your post for painting it (which looks great and much fun). thanks. Happy Easter.


    • Thanks! :) It is as Ovation Protege, which looks just like the Tipperary Sportage. They are both very similar depending on which shape fits you best.



  1. DIY:  Helmet Paint, Round Two | The Other Horse
  2. DIY:  Helmet Paint, Round Two | The Other Horse

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