Endurance Ride:  Top of the Rock – Squid

In case you missed it, here’s the ride story about Friday’s LD on Moxie at Top of the Rock endurance ride.  Saturday was Squidy’s endurance debut.  Well, LD anyway.

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Endurance Ride: Top of the Rock – Moxie

Since Ink was laid up all of last year with a ligament injury, Squidy was recovering from pregnancy, and Moxie was new to me and dealing with major medical issues all summer/fall, I hadn’t been to an endurance ride in over a year.  

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Two Horse Tack bridle review

Jacke from Two Horse Tack kindly asked if I would like to try out one of their products to review here for my blog readers.  Well, yes, of course!  Who couldn’t use more tack?  As luck would have it, I hadn’t gotten Moxie her own bridle yet.  I have extra bridles of course, but you know, her own bridle.

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DIY:  Horse Trailer Insulation

Why didn’t I do this sooner?  Insulating my trailer, that is.  I had intended to do so for a long time, but hadn’t really looked into exactly how to do it and what supplies I would need.  It seemed like a big expensive project in my mind, so it kept getting put off.

It really isn’t that hard or that difficult.  I spent $80 at Lowe’s and one afternoon working on it and it was finished.   Continue reading

One More Trailer Upgrade…

Next weekend I’m taking both horses to an endurance ride and will be leaving one horse at the trailer while I ride the other horse.   Knowing the horse left behind will be stressed and possibly pawing or pacing,  I went through the trailer with a fine tooth comb,  looking for any missed detail that could cause an injury.   

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