2018 Goals

I’ve found that it helps me stay focused if I write my goals down. The last two years have not gone according to plan, but I’m going to try again this year.

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New Year’s Day ride 2018

With the ridiculously extreme cold weather we’ve been getting here in Kentucky, I had to break my New Year’s Ride tradition this year. Usually I like to go riding just before midnight on New Year’s Eve and/or go for a trail ride on New Year’s Day. It was near zero degrees at midnight, so I stayed in bed (yes, I’m old and boring and went to bed at 10). The high only reached 14 (with insanely cold windchills), so I decided to stay in the arena. Instead of the normal outside adventures, I invited a couple friends over to play broom polo.

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2017 Miles

Happy New Year!

2017 was a pretty good year, especially compared to the Worst Year Ever of 2016. In terms of endurance goals it was not at all successful, but having survived 2016 really helped me keep perspective on all the minor set backs and bumps in the road this year. On a large scale, it was good. I have the best husband in the world, my dream farm, and healthy horses. I even got a living quarters trailer this year, ahead of schedule. The rest is just details. :) Continue reading

Cavaletti and Pole Exercises

Winter is here. The extended forecast is very cold and miserable. Looks like I’ll be stuck in the arena for a while.

It’s not such a bad thing. It is so very good for the horses to return to the dressage work that gets neglected during good weather. I may not be able to get in much trail conditioning, but there is plenty of other kinds of fitness to work on that will benefit the horses on the trail once the weather improves. Continue reading

Dressage for Endurance Riders (aka winter motivation)

I started the day feeling pretty blah and ho-hum about the weather…  This is the first day this fall (winter now?) that I would normally go trail ride, but have decided not to because it is too damn cold.  My horses are in light-work-only mode right now, and I just can’t bear to trail ride slowly when it is below freezing.  No thanks.  Maybe if I had a horse doing full endurance conditioning and we were trotting the whole time, but riding slowly in the cold is NO FUN.  Moxie is on winter vacation and taking time off for some therapeutic hoof work (more on that later) and Ink is just now resuming work after 2 years off, so the going is slow.

So as I’m sitting inside drinking my morning tea, dreading going out into the tundra, feeling really lackluster about riding in the arena all weekend, I come across this blog.  THANK YOU, Eat Sleep Ride Repeat.  This is exactly what I needed to remind myself that winter can be productive and fun!

With my new re-established perspective I’m headed out to ride (inside!) and I’m going to enjoy it!

To all my endurance friends and readers, you really must read this wonderful post:

via 9 Really Good Reasons Why Endurance Riders Need To Embrace Dressage