Dry Lot Footing, Round Two

You may have read here about our amazing dry lot footing at our old farm.  I missed it.  Terribly.

I love our new farm beyond words, but last winter was brutal with all the mud, and once you’ve been spoiled by dry paddock footing, you just can’t go back to mud.

We finally finished the footing in the first dry lot at the new farm.

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We’re Hosting a Clinic…

Come join us for a weekend with Dr. Tomas Teskey to learn about all things natural holistic horse care!

Barefoot hooves & dentistry of course… Whole horse health, soundness, happiness… The big picture.

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Hoof Rehab and Natural Retirement Boarding

We are excited to announce that we will be opening our farm and track paddock for a couple lucky outside horses to join our herd.

Retirement board options are ideal for horses with metabolic challenges, such as IR (insulin resistance) and PPID (cushings). The very limited grass on the track, increased movement, and perfectly balanced nutrition help these horses thrive. We (unfortunately) have a lof of experience with IR horses, so we figured we might as well help some others beyond our own! This is the perfect place for metabolic horses to retire – the luxury of all inclusive full care boarding, but in a natural herd environment on a track paddock.

We will also offer barefoot hoof rehabilitation boarding. This is perfect for those wanting to pull shoes and transition their horse to the barefoot lifestyle, or for horses dealing with laminitis, founder, navicular or other hoof related problems. A realigning trim is critical to healing hooves, but there is so much more to barefoot success: diet, movement, environment, and mental well being all play a major role as well. Here we will focus on healing the whole horse, which will allow the hooves to thrive.

We have 1-2 openings available for either retirement board or mild hoof rehab cases. We still need to finish the pea gravel paddock for more significant hoof problems, but could do boots/pads turnout in the mean time if needed.

We have plans to add two stonedust paddocks for mud-free environments during the winter and a pea gravel paddock for hoof rehabs. The track will continuously get footing added, section by section, until ultimately the whole thing will be surfaced with all weather footing. We plan to add pea gravel in their favorite loafing area, a sand rolling pit, and various stonedust and gravel in other areas for mud control and hoof stimulation.

Check out our website www.redemptionfarm.com and our facebook page for more info.

Diet Balancing … continued

I sound like a broken record. I know. This mineral balancing thing is really that important. Now that I know about it, I feel like I NEED to spread the word and help more horses. I wish someone would have told me long before I figured it out, slowly, the hard way…

You may have read about my journey in discovering the problems with high iron and what to do about it, and then later the amazing results of adding copper and zinc. If not, go back and read the back story at those links, it will help this post make sense.

I have taken it to another level. Full diet balancing based on hay analysis.

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Infection Control

Recently I unknowingly went riding with someone who was on a seemingly healthy horse, but had another horse at home who was sick. Several days later, Ink came in with thick sticky yellow nasal discharge. It wasn’t long before I heard the first cough.

Devastated doesn’t even cover it. Moxie was scheduled to be a demo horse at the Pete Ramey hoof clinic this weekend. Do you realize how much I’ve been looking forward to this for several months? A once in a lifetime opportunity to have to best barefoot hoof rehab specialist in the country work on MY problem horse? Amazing.

No. I can’t take her. Because infection control.

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