DIY: Matching Pillows And Curtains For Trailer

I wanted matching pillows and curtains in my trailer to kind of tie it all together, and I couldn’t seem to find anywhere online to buy matching valances and pillows that I liked, so I figured I would have to pretend to be a seamstress again and make my own. Continue reading


Camping at Hang ‘Em High horse camp

My endurance season keeps disintigrating, and as yet another ride came that I had planned to go to, but realized I couldn’t (Big South Fork), I decided I needed a consolation prize instead. I planned a weekend away horse camping with my husband. What better way to jump start my conditioning plan for the mares than three days of trail riding in the hills?

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New Trailer DIY projects: Boot Box Cushions

You may have seen several DIY projects here that starred my beloved trusty Featherlite bumper pull. I have thoroughly enjoyed that trailer and finally had it set up just right… and then decided I needed more space.

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Endurance Ride:  Top of the Rock – Squid

In case you missed it, here’s the ride story about Friday’s LD on Moxie at Top of the Rock endurance ride.  Saturday was Squidy’s endurance debut.  Well, LD anyway.

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Endurance Ride: Top of the Rock – Moxie

Since Ink was laid up all of last year with a ligament injury, Squidy was recovering from pregnancy, and Moxie was new to me and dealing with major medical issues all summer/fall, I hadn’t been to an endurance ride in over a year.  

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